Film tourism is an ideal travel experience

Film tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon that started emerging in the 1990s and many industry professionals refer to the segment as film-induced tourism. As we know, the various types of tourism result mainly from people’s different motivations to travel. With this point in mind, it is clear that ‘film tourism’ is a specific segment of the market that reflects particular interests. Film-induced travelers share a keen interest about motion picture subjects like completing studio tours, attending film festivals and/or visiting movie-themed attractions.

Both the international travel and the entertainment industry expanded simultaneously to enormous proportions. These developments allowed film tourism to grow too. New broadcasting technologies and emergent media platforms exposed previously unknown locations and let them evolve into important travel destinations. I would say that film tourism is more of regional or local importance bringing with it tremendous wealth and profits , although one could possibly argue against this claim for different reasons.

BraveheartScotlandWallace Monument
Mamma Mia!GreeceSkopelos
Last Crusade (Indiana Jones)JordanPetra
Harry PotterUnited KingdomAlnwick Castle
Locations that became tourist destinations after used as settings in blockbuster movies

Travel tourism’s business potential as a significant socio-economic activity was realized in the 1990s. During this period, the British Tourism Association was the first official agency using movie locations as important tourist sites in their approved publications. In years to come, other countries as well geographic districts like New Zealand explored film related opportunities to capitalize on their own prospects as a travel destination.

Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones location

Film production can shape the fortune of places

In recent times film tourism has been the subject of scientific debate and intellectual study because of its extent, complexity and multi-dimensional links with many fields. Movie production is interconnected with a range of markets and industries and its influence is great considering it can shape the fortune of places. This strong dependency is what makes many to refer to film tourism as ‘cultural tourism’.

Clearly, I cannot subscribe to you where to go for your ideal film related trip. This will be a decision based on completing a journey that reflects your own interested topics or perhaps a vacation that fulfills your expectations. I want to urge you though to experience travel tourism. There are so many exciting possibilities and prospective film-induced destinations. I am confident that as open target segments they will provide you with new experiences and will capture your imagination.

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