2021 Greek Bicentennial Celebrations

fireworks over Athens, Acropolis and the Parthenon, Attica, Greece - New Year destination

Celebrations in Greece are always a very serious business. You only have to look how Greeks revel their ‘Name-Day’ a custom to celebrate their Christian (holy) name even more than birthdays. Similarly, other celebrations like Easter for example in Greece are magnificent and they have not slightly lost their radiance over the years. It is exactly because of the nation’s celebratory character that the world branded Greek people as fun loving, dancing and hospitable. In 2021, Greece has a special reason to celebrate even more. It is the 200th anniversary of independence from the ottoman shackles.

Confronted with profound challenges

Considering the world is currently in turmoil and confusion due to coronavirus, Greece is confronted with profound challenges. The independence celebrations put the nation on the spotlight as the global community considers this country the birthplace of democracy and liberty. In these difficult times, people will be looking to Greece to reaffirm important social values that in many respects for several societies over the years these ethics have declined. Ironically, the Greek government has imposed some of the firmest restrictions ‘in the name of the pandemic’. This contradicts the principles of democracy and freedom and the Greek people do not take this anathema lightly.

Under normal circumstances, in light of this special occasion, I would have suggested to all readers to visit Greece. It would have been a great opportunity to experience first-hand the many planned festivities. A number of public and private organizations as well as autonomous groups have set out a wide schedule of events.  Greece has been a wonderfully enjoyable destination for many decades. Therefore, to be in the country during these celebrations it would be an added bonus to anyone’s vacation plans.

You can watch Greece 2021 official video clip here

The national motto defines the Greek spirit

Unfortunately, the way that the Covid-19 situation has unfolded and we have all tangled in its web; it is hard to predict how events will evolve. However, knowing very well the general Greek mentality and attitude, I would reliably say that somehow the celebrations would happen. Perhaps not on the grand scale or in the traditional fashion that they usually do nevertheless, Greek people will still find a way to commemorate grandly. After all, Greece’s national motto is “Freedom or Death” , a war cry with roots in the country’s war of independence. Capture this motto in your mind and you can understand the spirit of the Greek people when dealing with difficult times.

Considering what I have mentioned so far, I have not hesitation in advising readers to go to Greece during this special year, providing that you take into account all health and safety rules and official government and scientific guidelines. For me, should conditions permit it, I will be definitely visiting Greece more than once in 2021. With great pride, during my visit, I will stand tall and proud either next to some historic monument or by some other relevant memorial. There I will call out: ΖΗΤΩ Η ΕΛΛΑΣ! (Long Live Greece) as my tribute to those patriots who sacrificed their lives for a free and independent country.


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