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Climate-friendly approach by Munich Airport

I read with great interest the airport’s press release on “green kerosene”. From next month, aircraft operating from Munich airport will be able to use this climate-friendly fuel.

The company announced that Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) will be stored at the airport’s fuel farm. They also believe that the SAF approved tank and refuelling system will allow airlines to reduce CO2 emissions by using sustainable fuels. Friendlier green fuels considered to be very important to the eventual decarbonisation of air transport. We invite Airport Bureau readers to remain tuned with our publications. Within the next few days, we will publish a relevant article on the subject of Sustainable Aviation Fuels, supported with relevant analysis and review regarding the green energy for aviation.

The arrival of CT scan technology

Personally speaking, I have been waiting for this announcement for some time now. I heard about this type of screening a few years ago and I followed the progress on testing operations ever since.

Schiphol Airport (AMS) has now installed computed tomography (CT) scans in all departure and transfer filters as part of enhancing airport security. This is an excellent improvement for many aspects of airport operations, including terminal management, customer care and service efficiency. As passengers pass through security they will be able to leave electronics and liquids in their hand luggage and bags.

For a long time a lot of research and work undertaken to replace X-Ray scanning machines at airports. Take Heathrow Airport for instance. It announced nearly two years ago (Press Release, 6th June 2019) the rollout of computed tomography (CT). This is planned for completion throughout the airport by 2022.  As Heathrow Chief Operations Officer, Chris Garton, mentioned at the time “. . . means that our future passengers can keep their focus on getting on with their journeys and less time preparing for security screening” he explained. With this point in mind, I am confident that this new approach will revolutionize operations and comes as great relief to many passengers.

Major infrastructure upgrade

I have a well known fascination with aerodrome projects. Previously I spoke on the subject and I have even published related blogs denoting my captivation with airfield expansion works.  

As the Australian government announced major upgrade works for Australia’s Newcastle Airport, it attracted my attention. According to regional reports the project will commence immediately within 2021 and is on Infrastructure Australia’s (IA) priority list. This story is great news for the aviation following the pandemic. And, should be a confidence boost for many organizations in their recovery. The expansion works will enable Code E’ aircraft to operate and will open access to wider international flights.

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