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ICAO to investigate seeming diversion

The apparently diverted flight from Athens to Vilnius has certainly generated a degree of confusion and turbulence. Following Ryanair’s instructed landing, the air transport and travel sectors try to understand the repercussions for international flights over this region.  As a result, the ICAO Council expressed strong concerns regarding this incident. Having convened at a special meeting, the world’s leading aviation authority announced that they would proceed with a fact-finding investigation.

Under relevant arrangements and binding Articles, Member States are obliged to collaborate with the enquiry. Gathering all facts and details associated with this particular event can bring stability and reassurance within the aviation industry. More importantly, Airport Bureau takes the view that ICAO along with pertinent agencies must investigate the incident for two reasons. Other than, for safeguarding normal operations, the examination should also ensure air travel safety and security standards as well as reinstate passenger confidence.     

People eager to travel again

We read with great interest the joint IATA and Tourism Economics released assessment on passenger demand following the pandemic. The paper shows that people remain eager to travel both in a short and long-term.

According to the release, the forecasts are very encouraging. Passenger numbers expected to recover well (comparing to pre-Covid levels) continuously until 2030. Seems like we will feel the damage from the pandemic events for some time. However, all indications show that the public has retained the desire to travel. The recent developments in Portugal where bookings exceeded expectations following the re-opening of the country’s borders, illustrate people’s aspiration to go travel. At the same time is a good indicator that air transport will grow quickly.

Remove quarantine restrictions

TRAVEL WEEKLY has just published an interesting editorial on IATA’s call on governments to remove quarantine restrictions. Quoting for a big part in the article IATA’s Director General, Willie Walsh, the organization is in favour of a different approach that could see international travel restarting. Notably, on this interview Mr. Walsh explained that the common approach of ‘blanket measures’ taken by governments around the world has been inappropriate.

As we now have more evidence and statistical information, it certainly seems logical for governments to re-evaluate the situation. Continuing with quarantine restrictions, tourists’ isolation and various other similar obstructive practices is definitely off-putting. Passengers want a degree of freedom and independence when travelling abroad and this is vital for reopening borders.


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