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Travel and holidays have become a game-show nowadays. Governments and their sidekick organizations (we all know who these are) treat people like tennis balls in a dog-chase plot. Everyone is confused to say the least, except those who write the rules and who actually don’t know themselves what the rules mean. In my opinion, what we see happening is the public getting bombarded by an embarrassing overabundance of mumble-jumble that makes no sense. Even credible government organizations and departments have lost track of the situation for some time now.

All we seem to hear through media channels representing the ‘pandemic juntas’ is utter indistinct and incoherent narratives.  Open borders that are actually closed, green routes that are essentially red and permissions that are not really allowable. The most recent absurd events associated with Portugal are a sheer humiliation of States, officials and the so called “scientists”. Lifting people up psychologically by giving them a little flick of light and then knocking them back down again is utterly cruel.

A traffic light system that never works

I have just read the BBC’s travel guide on holiday spots and visiting popular destinations. What an absolute mess! You have a chance understanding the requirements and rules for each place if you also have a “Doctorate in Distortion”. A traffic light system – Green Amber, Red – that only works when no one travels. Apparently, return to the UK before 4.00 a.m. and you are fine as they consider you to be a healthy individual who can integrate in society without having to quarantine. However, arriving 4.05 a.m. the traffic signal has changed and you disgracefully have to isolate so you cannot spread your germs around. Rhetorically speaking, imagine this scenario. Your delayed flight arrives back after the traffic light system changed and the virus has been out patrolling for the last five minutes. I am afraid, you are DOOMED!

Why should I go out of the country

Considering the arrangements as they are now – the moment of writing this blog – I have accepted that my chances of going on holiday abroad or travelling for business are very close to zero. In fact, now I am asking myself, why should I go out of the country? In Greece for example, people have to wear double mask even in a gym, as I have been told. There is also a set €300 fine for those caught in a public place without a face-nappy. Don’t forget, there is a nationwide curfew in place too. So, you have to harry back to your hotel before you are spotted out by the undercover corona-guards.

In Portugal, €100 fine if you breach the rules. But more importantly, they have one way system on the beaches. Now, that makes us feel safe (LOL). Meanwhile, in Spain the national state of emergency is over BUT, local rules remain. It is important for visitors to remember, that in Spain at your accommodation you cannot use the lift and rather use the stairs. What a wonderful idea. Try to climb three floors in 30+ degrees.

Yes, it is true. I brought a degree of humour in writing this article, trying to give a spin to what is otherwise a disastrous situation. I am not expecting readers to agree or disagree with my views nonetheless, the truth is that enough is enough. We see devastated industries like aviation and transport trying desperately to recover though they cannot. Hundreds of thousands of people who wait anxiously to return to work but this is not possible. Because of the erratic behaviour of national and regional governments the situation remains static.

The ‘pass the buck’ approach by politicians and scientists is mostly what upsets ordinary people.  Everyone has started losing faith and hope, only because of the treatment they receive from authorities, as if lives do not matter. Even the little light at the end of the tunnel which people could see over the past few months, it has now vanished due to scientific incompetence and political mismanagement.

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