Dubai Airshow 2021 completed

The 2021 Dubai Airshow has finished successfully. This biennial occasion is on top of my list of the most exciting aviation events happening anywhere around the globe. I have not been able to attend the event this year although this has not stopped me tracking developments closely. When it comes to value for entertainment and enjoyment associated with this event, it is really worth visiting. Personally, I consider myself as over-privileged in comparison to millions of aviation aficionados. This is because during my service with Dubai Airports, I was closely involved in planning, organizing, setting-up and running a big segment of the show.

My first involvement with the airshow was at Dubai International Airport (DXB) as part of the Duty Management team. Thereafter, my role was different. It was decided to transfer the Airshow to the newly opened Al Maktoum International Airport. I had to play a direct and pivotal part on the plan’s execution to have the event moved permanently to Jabel Ali. A purpose build venue at Dubai World Central became the airshow’s new home. These circumstances allowed me to have an intimate association with the Dubai Airshow. I experienced three consecutive fairs in a unique and unusual way that masses of industry enthusiasts envied to have.

Turning point for recovery

The 2021 edition of the airshow concluded very positively. The information that I have shows the whole programme including events, exhibitions and networking opportunities, was conducted very productively. With US$ 54.5B worth of orders and 40% of decision makers in attendance (see Dubai Airshow 2021) one can say that the fair finished on a positive note. It is interesting as the aviation sector is at a turning point for recovery after the covid-19 pandemic.

In line to previous editions, the 2021 show included a variety of activities and happenings. Country pavilions, aircraft displays, conferences and exhibitors kept visitors lively interested and entertained. Attendance for this year was over 120,00 people. The highlights of the 2021 edition include:

  • the presentation of the Boeing 777X aircraft,
  • the debut of Russian narrow-body Irkut MC-21,
  • the new wide-body freighter Airbus A350F and,
  • the new features like the Tech Zone

A flowering garden in the desert

For me, the Dubai Airshow is a marvellous event. For those who are keen in aviation and aircraft, for four days every second year, the fair turns into a ‘flowering garden’ in the desert. This venue allows people who otherwise cannot experience the buzz and excitement of air-travel to come a little closer to the aerospace industry. The event is also an excellent networking platform offering opportunities to various businesses and entrepreneurs. From my own experience, I would vouch organisers and authorities take the event’s safety very seriously. Attendees, exhibitors and business partners are top priority and security within the venue is well arranged. I would strongly recommend that irrespective if you are an aviation enthusiast or not, visit the next Dubai Airshow. You will find it to be an amazing experience.  

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