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On a recent business trip to Derby (UK), I discovered an elegant bar-restaurant. I felt an obligation to share this experience with others. Why would you do this, one may ask? Firstly, because as a blogger I want to share helpful information with my readers. Secondly, I feel that a moral customer’s commitment urges me to give consumers good news. The venue which I decided to write about seems to work well as an all-day hub. With a large number of satisfied and repeated customers certainly everyone else deserves to know about it.  

Seven Restaurant & Café Bar is located at the Pride Park area of Derby. According to the information found on the company’s website, it is open all day and evenings. During my stay at a nearby hotel, I visited ‘Seven’ twice, both occasions in the evening. What captivated my attention was its exciting atmosphere which although was buzzing with activity nonetheless, it was not off-putting at all.
Noisy with lots of conversations though, not disturbing. The ambiance in both the restaurant and bar areas was pleasing and full of relaxed clientele.  

An extensive choice of dishes . . . but not too intense

For me, the menu was great, well designed and not overwhelmingly jam-packed. I also liked that other than a common selection of dishes, the list included random plates of international cuisine. So, among the typical foods, customers can select favourite foreign nibbles too. This extends to those who prefer vegan or vegetarian diets. Still, the bar seemed well organized with ample choice of drinks, beers and wines while the highlight is the extensive choice of gins available.

Despite on my visits I arrived without a prior booking, the waiting staff accommodated me easily. I do understand that for ‘solo’ customers to find available table is not an easy challenge. However, both times when I visited, the staff improvised and offered me a sitting. Speaking about service, I should not fail to mention those who work here. All staff were generally welcoming, helpful and interacted well with humour and politeness. Well deserved congratulations to everyone.

The food standard was very good and not hesitation in giving my best compliments to the Manager, the waiting staff, the resident Chef and the kitchen staff too. Overall, I would definitely recommend this establishment and I plan to return there soon.

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