GHAZIR HAMOD Serving aviation with excellence

For Ghazir Hamod, Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ saying “change is the only constant in life” certainly reflects his reasoning in the context of aviation. “The core essence of this industry is change, and that is to me what makes it interesting and fun,” he tells me, highlighting that this is why he enjoyed every minute of his career in the industry and he still does. Air transport is the field where Ghazir has served for a long time and over the years gained tremendous expertise. His enthusiasm and professionalism allowed him to build a great reputation which explains why his colleagues entitled him ‘expert’.

For me, it was a pleasure working with Ghazir on various projects when both employed by Dubai Airports Company. I remember vividly that his presence was always full of eminence, kindly spoken, showing competence in all of his dealings. I recall that he was exceptionally supportive towards colleagues and stakeholders alike while using proficiently diplomacy to defuse difficult situations. In meetings and during operations he demonstrated the skills and abilities that personally, I desired in order to develop professionally. Put simply, for me and many others, we considered Ghazir Hamod as a good role model.

‘New strategies, technologies and investments are required’

During the interview, I wanted to take advantage of his knowledge and know-how. Therefore, my questions aimed directly to get from him as much useful advice as possible. I sought to hear his views on key issues. How airport operators could achieve major breakthroughs in services and conveniences to provide best quality to customers?

The world is changing rapidly, and so are customers’ needs and requirements,” he tells Airport Bureau, pointing out that airports need to ensure they are on top of the game and they should know what is changing. “Airports should cope with the change asap to meet and exceed their customer expectations, including those from Airlines, Operators, and passengers,” he shares. “New strategies, technologies and investments are required, always be up to date with what customers want. Always be one step ahead of the game.

His thoughts on the role of airports and how to achieve a leading regional or global position is very clear. “The answer to achieve that are Innovation, Technology, and Collaboration, with the required human factor to deliver the ultimate customer service experience and the value customers would like to get,” he explains. “In this way a high level of safety, security and passenger experience is also guaranteed.

‘Aviation, a lifelong passion’

Ghazir brings a robust employment history and years of international experience. A record spanning from leadership, services and general management to airport development and operations. He served with major air transport entities at diverse intercontinental locations. I wanted to find more and I asked him about what attracted him to aviation.  “What has attracted me in Aviation had been to fulfil a lifelong passion since an early childhood; I wanted to be a pilot, fly to the world, and roam the skies,” he says. “But, it was hard to attain due to a lack of financial resources. I turned to Aviation Management and operations on the ground with airlines and airports.

As a fellow professional, I was keen to hear why he is still so keen in our industry. He went on to enlighten me with his usual enthusiasm. “Aviation fulfils my lifelong passion, it is Global, vibrant, dynamic and touches on all aspects of modern business. Most importantly, it always gets you to know new people and new places and cultures.” Having the same passion as me, I now understand better why I feel professionally connected to Ghazir Hamod.   

‘Young people should not hesitate to start their career in aviation’

I wanted to challenge Ghazir with my next question. Mainly because I was curious to see if his flair for air transport was the same as before. I asked if he could change one aspect in aviation, what would this be and why? “Renovation and technology came into focus only over the last decade. I would have started that long before in the industry as it is a game changer,” Ghazir stated. “This is the only way out for us to deal with industry key issues: efficiency, passenger volumes and flows, safety, security, ATM, etc.

Ghazir maintains a positive attitude and enthusiasm after serving the sector for years and still has many professional ambitions and aspirations. “Keep the curve up, learn more and keep giving and sharing knowledge and expertise where they are needed” is exactly what he told me.

His inspirational attitude turned into rousing message for those who aspire to start a career within aviation. I asked what advice he would give to young people who think seriously to come in air transport. “It is a great industry, enjoyable and very satisfying. They should not hesitate to start their career in it.

Ghazir Hamod now engages in advisory roles and special projects. For sure, has a lot to offer and his experience could be greatly appreciated by many in the aviation industry. His unique vision and business qualities make him a valuable aviation professional. We are now going through a major transition phase for aviation. In my opinion, Ghazir’s expertise and mastery could help enormously with the industry’s recovery just now. Being an aviation enthusiast myself, I salute his dedication and service!