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In terms of occupation, the aviation industry is a perfect ‘pool’ full of options for most people. The sector offers an abundance of employment opportunities, careers and work openings for young, mature and established professionals alike. As keen enthusiast of aviation, I want to offer readers a degree of optimism and hopefulness through this article. Particularly to anyone adversely affected in recent months from the grim global conditions.

After two disastrous years, now is the right moment to lift our spirits up and look forward to the future. It seems that a large number of vacancies and new roles will become available in the market. Career openings should start to grow rigorously among other ‘flying’ related fields including airports, tour operators, agencies and organizations. 

With the travel restraints and restrictions lifted sparsely, we see air-transport moving forward too. This is the time when our industry needs everyone – new, past and existing employees – who can start to work intensely to revive air travel. I maintain strong views on how significant is every employee to the industry’s welfare. Aviation employee dedication is in my opinion the sector’s strongest feature. It is unparalleled when compared against other industries. People are the most valuable asset and never in the past the air-transport sector depended on its workforce more than today. 

The aviation business climate is still turbulent

Another positive aspect is that the job search challenges which we experienced during the covid calamity, have started to subside. This shift brought a change on employment priorities and labour demands too, not only for now but, for the times ahead. For example, a major transition to sustainable forms of transport and energy will definitely affect our future manpower requirements. Nonetheless, this change will not be unique within aviation’s operational setting. Many other associated domains like aircraft manufacturing, fuels, engineering and tourism will pose new peculiar expectations with regard to recruitment and staff-hire.

With these points in mind, it makes sense for job seekers to diversify and explore a wider range of opportunities. I fully understand that the aviation business climate is still turbulent and possibly will remain like this for some time. However, preparation is crucial in terms of employment. As the industry reopens those who are ready have a higher chance to find work. On a similar note, for those who expect to return to employment, possibly a change of direction would be essential. No necessarily everyone can go back to their last role. Other choices in a different line of work could perhaps offer better prospects. My advice is to combine possibilities with priorities!

New roles will rise to replace others

On a parallel point, the business travel segment was always a significant part of air travel. Having said that, it was seriously transformed by the pandemic. Flexible and remote working is central in post-pandemic times which reduces critically a need for professional and work-related trips.  As many portions of air-transport relied seriously on business travel, many companies look to redesign their strategies and commercial activities. This would mean an evaporation of certain roles and/or diversification of business plans. Successively, we will see serious changes happening on staff recruitment and the labour market. New roles will rise to replace others.

Terminal Operations
Airside – Aerodrome
Security / Control
Passenger Search Engineering
Electrical Maintenance Infrastructure
Airport Services
Drivers – Assistants Ambassadors
Passenger Assistance Support Units
Compliance Assurance
H& S / Safety
Fire & Rescue      
Passenger Services
Air Crews
Ground Handling Business Travel Chartered
General Aviation
VIP – Private (GA)
Dispatch Operations    
Technical Services Finance
DATA Analysis
Science Graduates Trainees
Service Delivery Operations Meteorological
Facilities / Equipment
Control Authorities
Travel & Tourism
Agencies & Ticketing
Civil Aviation Authority Safeguarding / Protection
Transport Groups
Global Agencies
Societies Coordinators Procurement
Aircraft Industry
Facility Management  
AVIATION SECTOR (Areas offering potential employment opportunities within the industry)

The air transport sector engages millions of people

In any case, aviation is a broad field consisting of several branches of economic, commercial as well as operational activities. The scope for finding employment in the sector is very high (see table). The list of opportunities within it is very broad that definitely reflects the interests of most candidates and job seekers. Air transport engages millions of people directly and indirectly. Pilots (commercial, private, military), cabin crews, engineering, technical, airport occupations and airline operators, aircraft technicians, safety, administrative. To put it simply, the directory of required ‘protagonists’ is boundless.

Aviation is a very attractive and dynamic environment full of possibilities. Most of those who work within the air travel setting they claim to get vast job satisfaction. Understandably, things appear to be hard for everyone mainly through the current socio-economic conditions. Aviation has been transformed and got scarred for ever from the recent events. Among these difficult circumstances air transport works as catalyst for practical solutions. As it offers a myriad of employment prospects it delivers a degree of happiness and confidence to all.

 Author: Nikolas Koukos

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