Dealing with runway incursions

View on the threshold of runway 06 with follow me car and a passing plane

For the biggest part of aviation history, the industry has enjoyed an excellent safety record. In fact, as time passed, operational conditions improved and our awareness on accident and incident prevention heightened. Nonetheless, anticipating that traffic numbers – hopefully – will reinstate to pre-pandemic levels very soon; it makes good sense to remind ourselves about… Continue reading Dealing with runway incursions

Managing Operational Hazards

Switch button positioned on the word maximum, black background and red light. Conceptual image for illustration of high level of risks.

The fact that hazards come together with airport and aircraft operations, is an open secret. However, as the eminent aviation pioneer and author Amelia Earhart once said: “To worry is to add another hazard”. Therefore, we have learned to live with risks in aviation. This goes for the public, authorities, operators and all those associated… Continue reading Managing Operational Hazards

Syed Ali Shahid (Duty Manager Airside)

Working as Duty Manager Airside, Ali Shahid has learned to keep up with operational challenges in a fast-paced aerodrome environment. His commitment and dedication for what he does becomes evident when you meet him and starts talking about his work. Ali works for Dubai Airports Company. He is well respected within the airport community and… Continue reading Syed Ali Shahid (Duty Manager Airside)

Recovery of the Sleeping Beauties

What will airport terminals look like after the pandemic crisis is over? One day when the authorities and scientists will tell us it is safe to return fully to normality, I wonder what the new ‘normal’ will be like for passenger terminal buildings. I have always viewed these structures as exceptional arenas where emotions, sentiments,… Continue reading Recovery of the Sleeping Beauties