TOWER: “I feel like an idiot but maintain visual with the boat, you’re still clear to land 35” PILOT: “Affirmative 2247” TOWER: “Affirmative that I’m an idiot or, that you’re gonna maintain a visual?” PILOT: “No comment”   Language proficiency plays an important role in aviation safety. From the need to communicate clearly and efficiently,… Continue reading LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY IN AVIATION


Businessman touching the drawn plane on the chalkboard with a globe. Recreation and tourism. Investing human and financial resources. Humanitarian assistance.

In terms of occupation, the aviation industry is a perfect ‘pool’ full of options for most people. The sector offers an abundance of employment opportunities, careers and work openings for young, mature and established professionals alike. As keen enthusiast of aviation, I want to offer readers a degree of optimism and hopefulness through this article.… Continue reading METAMORPHOSIS OF EMPLOYMENT IN AVIATION


Large passenger airplane approaches the landing at the airport of rain, bad weather

For aviation, weather is a constant that influences decisively the industry’s welfare. We only have to look some basic data and statistics to understand its serious impact on the efficiency of airport operations. Weather is the main cause for delays, a contributing factor for accidents and initiator of many operational problems. We have to understand… Continue reading WEATHER SHOULDN’T SPOIL YOUR TRIP

Latest News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

eVTOL aircraft emerging rapidly The development of eVTOL Electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing is happening rather swiftly.  A number of well-established aerospace manufactures as well as newer companies have rushed to develop their own aircraft. Both industry giants Airbus and Boeing have been intensely involved in the development process. Large airlines have also committed themselves… Continue reading Latest News Stories

China’s global aviation rivalry

Commercial airplane landing behind waving flag

I wonder how long it will take China to become the world’s biggest aviation market. In addition, should we expect China soon to become the leader in air transport industry? In recent times, the country is marching rapidly towards global supremacy in many domains. My understanding is that firstly, China will establish regional hegemony and… Continue reading China’s global aviation rivalry

The laser beam hazard

In recent times, we have experienced a trend that poses great risk to aircrews and flight safety. ‘Laser pointing’ is a practice carried out by brain-muddled individuals and is extremely dangerous. A number of States and governments around the world, including Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, have taken the matter seriously to the extent of… Continue reading The laser beam hazard

Concorde: The Master of Commercial Flight

Concorde supersonic airliner aircraft, during take off, or landing. On clear blue sky and big moon as background. clipping path included.

January 2021 was a special point in aviation’s history as it marked the 45th anniversary of Concorde’s first commercial flight. To be precise, on 21st January 1976, two Concorde jets took off at the same time on two different routes. These were the first scheduled supersonic passenger services. British Airways flying on the London –… Continue reading Concorde: The Master of Commercial Flight

Come Fly With Us . . . If You Are Allowed

Woman wearing a mask for prevent virus with baggage in international airport. Protection against Coronavirus and gripp

We are now in the middle of winter, start of January 2021. Along with many other industries, businesses and markets the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the air travel sector gravely. Successively, the shutdown of the flying segment dispersed many undesirable effects onto other domains like hospitality, retail, transport and tourism touching them mercilessly with devastating… Continue reading Come Fly With Us . . . If You Are Allowed

Will Air Travel Bubbles Ever Burst?

Travel bubble concept - Airplane traveling in bubble representing international travel bubble project to revive tourism and hotel industry among countries that show good control of covid 19 spreading.

For all the years I have been working in aviation, I cannot recall another time when the industry introduced similar methods to those like the “air transport bubbles” in order to keep the sector alive. Some way along the corona episode, this tactic was a response to the pandemic. It was an attempt to restart… Continue reading Will Air Travel Bubbles Ever Burst?