For a big part of my aviation career – around 22 years – I was based in Scotland. In this period, I witnessed the industry going through major changes and noteworthy conversions. And despite its [relatively] small proportion in the realm of air-transport, the Scottish division’s role was extensive. In fact, I believe firmly that… Continue reading SCOTTISH AVIATION IN THE 1990S


For aviation, the end of 2022 has its own meaning. It signifies the conclusion of a period of great misfortune for the industry. Along with the rest of the world air transport suffered a big deal over the past three years. Covid-19 struck which dimmed the industry and send the sector into a dark spell. … Continue reading AN INNOVATIVE NEW YEAR


We have always been told that impressions really matter. The first impression is especially important according to experts. Nonetheless, the last impression is the ‘lasting’ impression apparently; the one that stays with us for a long time. For businesses people’s tendency to remember the first and last impressions can be critical and determining. From a… Continue reading IMPRESSIONS THAT LAST


Henry Ford once said: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”. I would also add that to anticipate and provide what people want is the best in customer care!! People who care about their clients would be familiar with these principles. Unfortunately, for the aviation industry, the current climate is rather unpleasant.… Continue reading IS THE NEW NORM ABNORMAL?


Businessman touching the drawn plane on the chalkboard with a globe. Recreation and tourism. Investing human and financial resources. Humanitarian assistance.

In terms of occupation, the aviation industry is a perfect ‘pool’ full of options for most people. The sector offers an abundance of employment opportunities, careers and work openings for young, mature and established professionals alike. As keen enthusiast of aviation, I want to offer readers a degree of optimism and hopefulness through this article.… Continue reading METAMORPHOSIS OF EMPLOYMENT IN AVIATION

End of Month News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

Bigger summer schedule by Ryanair Read with great interest the latest Ryanair statement in which the company announced a big increase on their flights for the coming summer. The programme will mainly concentrate on the airline’s Dublin operations with accompanying increases on investment and jobs. According to the company this is their biggest ever schedule.… Continue reading End of Month News Stories


holiday vacation jack russell dog waiting in airport terminal ready to board the airplane or plane at the gate, luggage or bag to the side

For dog owners who plan to fly on a holiday and wonder whether to take their pet along or not, is often a puzzling decision. Going on an overseas trip, dog owners have to ponder numerous aspects other than their own requirements. Take accommodation rules, regulations, local culture at destination and of course, vaccinations. Before… Continue reading PET-FRIENDLY HOLIDAY ABROAD


All over the world is well documented that in the past year a vast number of people lost their positions. In comparison with other sectors and industries, aviation suffered mostly in terms of job losses. Airlines, airport operators, ground handling companies along with many other air-transport related businesses lost a major part of their workforce.… Continue reading AVIATION POST-CRISIS EMPLOYMENT

Latest News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

eVTOL aircraft emerging rapidly The development of eVTOL Electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing is happening rather swiftly.  A number of well-established aerospace manufactures as well as newer companies have rushed to develop their own aircraft. Both industry giants Airbus and Boeing have been intensely involved in the development process. Large airlines have also committed themselves… Continue reading Latest News Stories


Funny young man with sunglasses and inflatable beach toys sipping cocktail and watching travel show on TV. Concept of canceled summer holiday plans, vacation in lockdown at home or Covid-19 quarantine

Travel and holidays have become a game-show nowadays. Governments and their sidekick organizations (we all know who these are) treat people like tennis balls in a dog-chase plot. Everyone is confused to say the least, except those who write the rules and who actually don’t know themselves what the rules mean. In my opinion, what… Continue reading THE TRAVEL MASQUERADE

Industry News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

ICAO to investigate seeming diversion The apparently diverted flight from Athens to Vilnius has certainly generated a degree of confusion and turbulence. Following Ryanair’s instructed landing, the air transport and travel sectors try to understand the repercussions for international flights over this region.  As a result, the ICAO Council expressed strong concerns regarding this incident.… Continue reading Industry News Stories

Mental Health Awareness

This week between 10th – 16th May, is dedicated on Mental Health Awareness. Airport Bureau is supporting this campaign and will provide as required any necessary assistance to relevant groups and organizations. As in many other areas and settings, mental health problems are relatively common in the workplace. In fact, it is often the leading… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness

Preparing for the passengers of the future

new normal technology in smart hospitality industry 4.0 . reception robot assistant using for help customer or passenger in airport with welcome passenger, help or take a service, data information,

As the air transport sector wrestles to survive from the battle with the pandemic disaster, I cannot help thinking about ‘normality’ in the future. I do not want to generalise but in the current climate, it is fair to say that everyone wishes for a speedy return to normal life. Indeed, during the transition we… Continue reading Preparing for the passengers of the future

Come Fly With Us . . . If You Are Allowed

Woman wearing a mask for prevent virus with baggage in international airport. Protection against Coronavirus and gripp

We are now in the middle of winter, start of January 2021. Along with many other industries, businesses and markets the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the air travel sector gravely. Successively, the shutdown of the flying segment dispersed many undesirable effects onto other domains like hospitality, retail, transport and tourism touching them mercilessly with devastating… Continue reading Come Fly With Us . . . If You Are Allowed