Good leaders always stand out

MISSION Use our vast expertise to produce the best aviation professionals through open access to unrivalled aviation training and learning programmes.   VALUES Professionalism – Integrity – Quality WHY REGISTER WITH US FOR TRAINING AND LEARNING? A long tradition in training excellence and developing productive teams A commitment in supporting clients and providing quality of… Continue reading OUR LEARNING MISSION & VALUES

Mental Health Awareness

This week between 10th – 16th May, is dedicated on Mental Health Awareness. Airport Bureau is supporting this campaign and will provide as required any necessary assistance to relevant groups and organizations. As in many other areas and settings, mental health problems are relatively common in the workplace. In fact, it is often the leading… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness


Airport Operations at work at one of the UK's largest airports.

Congratulations to the group of participants who completed successfully the ‘Effective Airside Management Professional’ training workshop. The course organised by AIRPORT BUREAU in association with Kratis Training & Consulting Ltd and delivered over three working days in a virtual classroom setting. Delegates from diverse operational backgrounds included Electrical Engineers, Airfield Operations personnel and Airside Assistants.… Continue reading ‘EFFECTIVE AIRSIDE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL’

Aerodrome Safeguarding is Heart of Operations

Aerodrome Safeguarding is the most important process in ensuring the safety of aircraft operations! Some readers may find this to be an amazing opening statement to this article. However, I stand by this view with great conviction. After many years front-line service, I have no doubt in my mind that aircraft operations are adequately sheltered… Continue reading Aerodrome Safeguarding is Heart of Operations

Employability in aviation after the pandemic

I was invited to take part in an online roundtable discussion last week, on the subject of Employability in Aviation after the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with other industry experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds, we analysed the employment situation within the aviation sector following events and experiences over the past year.  The workshop organized by… Continue reading Employability in aviation after the pandemic