Henry Ford once said: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”. I would also add that to anticipate and provide what people want is the best in customer care!! People who care about their clients would be familiar with these principles. Unfortunately, for the aviation industry, the current climate is rather unpleasant.… Continue reading IS THE NEW NORM ABNORMAL?


I consider myself blessed every time I come to the Cycladic Island of Paros. There is something nice, pleasant and exciting about this place. This time, I visited Paros for a week. Staying outside Naoussa, in the North-Eastern side of the island. This touristy village has its own character with special attractiveness and splendour. It… Continue reading VISITING A GOLDEN PLACE

Share good things with others

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On a recent business trip to Derby (UK), I discovered an elegant bar-restaurant. I felt an obligation to share this experience with others. Why would you do this, one may ask? Firstly, because as a blogger I want to share helpful information with my readers. Secondly, I feel that a moral customer’s commitment urges me… Continue reading Share good things with others


holiday vacation jack russell dog waiting in airport terminal ready to board the airplane or plane at the gate, luggage or bag to the side

For dog owners who plan to fly on a holiday and wonder whether to take their pet along or not, is often a puzzling decision. Going on an overseas trip, dog owners have to ponder numerous aspects other than their own requirements. Take accommodation rules, regulations, local culture at destination and of course, vaccinations. Before… Continue reading PET-FRIENDLY HOLIDAY ABROAD

Industry News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

UK Airshows 2022 Considering the current circumstances and the events of the past two years, 2022 looks more optimistic in terms of airshows. The past couple of seasons have been disastrous as far as airshows are concerned. Having said that, few events were delivered last year. However, nothing of the customary ratio and extravagance these… Continue reading Industry News Stories

The outstanding beauty of the ‘Dales’


Some of England’s most beautiful scenery, lies between the “Dales” and Scotland. For those who are not familiar, the Yorkshire Dales is the upland region in Northern England. The biggest part of this area forms the Yorkshire Dales District National Park. Historically, the area is linked with hard manual labour for ‘lead mining’. The remnants… Continue reading The outstanding beauty of the ‘Dales’

A short visit to “Little Bay”

After a very long time I revisited panoramic Oban, Scotland’s well-liked west-coast holiday town. For many years, I postponed a trip to the “little bay”, because unjustifiably, I presumed an unpleasant road journey. My memories from the last time when I travelled from Glasgow to Oban, were of an endless and winding road. This impression… Continue reading A short visit to “Little Bay”


democracy in prison - symbolic 3D rendering concerning totalitarian systems

DEMOCRACY: ‘An organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights.’ It is extremely sad to witness our world steadily moving away and getting more detached from this conviction nowadays. In its history, humanity has fought against tyrants, overthrown dictators and defeated cruel despots. Only to reach a situation where human… Continue reading THE TWILIGHT OF DEMOCRACY


Large passenger airplane approaches the landing at the airport of rain, bad weather

For aviation, weather is a constant that influences decisively the industry’s welfare. We only have to look some basic data and statistics to understand its serious impact on the efficiency of airport operations. Weather is the main cause for delays, a contributing factor for accidents and initiator of many operational problems. We have to understand… Continue reading WEATHER SHOULDN’T SPOIL YOUR TRIP

2021 Greek Bicentennial Celebrations

fireworks over Athens, Acropolis and the Parthenon, Attica, Greece - New Year destination

Celebrations in Greece are always a very serious business. You only have to look how Greeks revel their ‘Name-Day’ a custom to celebrate their Christian (holy) name even more than birthdays. Similarly, other celebrations like Easter for example in Greece are magnificent and they have not slightly lost their radiance over the years. It is… Continue reading 2021 Greek Bicentennial Celebrations

Film tourism is an ideal travel experience

Film tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon that started emerging in the 1990s and many industry professionals refer to the segment as film-induced tourism. As we know, the various types of tourism result mainly from people’s different motivations to travel. With this point in mind, it is clear that ‘film tourism’ is a specific segment… Continue reading Film tourism is an ideal travel experience

Take advantage of Duty Free shopping

Duty Free neon sign vector. Duty Free design template neon sign, light banner, neon signboard, nightly bright advertising, light inscription. Vector illustration. Billboard.

Following the UK’s departure from the EU those travelling between the UK and EU countries have the opportunity to do duty free shopping. This will be a similar approach to the EU in line with the rest of the world. For British travellers, will enjoy up to 50% off high street prices on a range… Continue reading Take advantage of Duty Free shopping

Where Will You Go?

The clean turquoise water of Protaras, Cyprus

OK everyone, hands up those who at this moment dream about their next leisure trip! Personally speaking, I have arms, hands and fingers stretched high above my head. In fact, I had them raised before finished asking you the question. Such is my desire to travel again soon that I cannot wait any longer for… Continue reading Where Will You Go?