GHAZIR HAMOD Serving aviation with excellence

For Ghazir Hamod, Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ saying “change is the only constant in life” certainly reflects his reasoning in the context of aviation. “The core essence of this industry is change, and that is to me what makes it interesting and fun,” he tells me, highlighting that this is why he enjoyed every minute of… Continue reading GHAZIR HAMOD Serving aviation with excellence

Fiona Hough, Air Traffic Control Professional

Fiona Hough clearly is a dedicated professional with a distinct eagerness to help air transport to recover quickly. In the time that we have known each other, I realised that she is an articulate, precise and thoughtful individual, who cares about aviation. Her consideration for the industry’s future comes across very well in conversations around… Continue reading Fiona Hough, Air Traffic Control Professional

Syed Ali Shahid (Duty Manager Airside)

Working as Duty Manager Airside, Ali Shahid has learned to keep up with operational challenges in a fast-paced aerodrome environment. His commitment and dedication for what he does becomes evident when you meet him and starts talking about his work. Ali works for Dubai Airports Company. He is well respected within the airport community and… Continue reading Syed Ali Shahid (Duty Manager Airside)

Preparing for the passengers of the future

new normal technology in smart hospitality industry 4.0 . reception robot assistant using for help customer or passenger in airport with welcome passenger, help or take a service, data information,

As the air transport sector wrestles to survive from the battle with the pandemic disaster, I cannot help thinking about ‘normality’ in the future. I do not want to generalise but in the current climate, it is fair to say that everyone wishes for a speedy return to normal life. Indeed, during the transition we… Continue reading Preparing for the passengers of the future

Worrying traffic figures

Airports and Covid-19 virus, symbolized by virus destroying word Airports to picture that coronavirus affects Airports and leads to crisis and recession, 3d illustration

For anyone who understands the aviation industry, the traffic figures published today by Heathrow Airport are rather worrying. On an article titled Restart Aviation for Global Britain, the company listed generic traffic figures for 2020 as well as a description of all traffic specifically for the month of last December. Last year’s traffic figures show… Continue reading Worrying traffic figures

Anything you can do, I can do better

young business man standing with luggage on urban airport runway and jet plane flying above against beautiful urban scen behind

In light of all the striking announcements and proposed developments by London’s major airports, now I am even more intrigued regarding the future of aviation in the south of England. For me, the contest between the major players – Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Stanstead and Luton Airports – to attract business and customers is getting… Continue reading Anything you can do, I can do better

Air Travel For Persons With Disabilities

Empty disabled seats at an airport in the waiting area before boarding.

One of the principles shared with a convincing belief among those who work within aviation is to support the rights of people with disabilities. Likewise, in all the years that I have served in the industry, I have yet to come across any organization or agency who did not believe that everyone should have equal… Continue reading Air Travel For Persons With Disabilities

A Fascination with Aerodrome Projects

MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 11: Construction site at the the airport of Munich, Germany on September 11, 2019. Foto taken from the visitor platform of the airport.

Substantial aerodrome development projects and airside infrastructure works have always captivated my attention. I find the complexity, challenge and scale of such ventures to be very intriguing. Unlike other engineering arrangements of a similar proportion – for instance constructing a multi-storey car park or building a road bridge – to transform airfield characteristics or to… Continue reading A Fascination with Aerodrome Projects

Recovery of the Sleeping Beauties

What will airport terminals look like after the pandemic crisis is over? One day when the authorities and scientists will tell us it is safe to return fully to normality, I wonder what the new ‘normal’ will be like for passenger terminal buildings. I have always viewed these structures as exceptional arenas where emotions, sentiments,… Continue reading Recovery of the Sleeping Beauties