For a big part of my aviation career – around 22 years – I was based in Scotland. In this period, I witnessed the industry going through major changes and noteworthy conversions. And despite its [relatively] small proportion in the realm of air-transport, the Scottish division’s role was extensive. In fact, I believe firmly that… Continue reading SCOTTISH AVIATION IN THE 1990S


For aviation, the end of 2022 has its own meaning. It signifies the conclusion of a period of great misfortune for the industry. Along with the rest of the world air transport suffered a big deal over the past three years. Covid-19 struck which dimmed the industry and send the sector into a dark spell. … Continue reading AN INNOVATIVE NEW YEAR


TOWER: “I feel like an idiot but maintain visual with the boat, you’re still clear to land 35” PILOT: “Affirmative 2247” TOWER: “Affirmative that I’m an idiot or, that you’re gonna maintain a visual?” PILOT: “No comment”   Language proficiency plays an important role in aviation safety. From the need to communicate clearly and efficiently,… Continue reading LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY IN AVIATION


Team of business people in casual clothes sitting around the table with paper dialog boxes, discussing opinion concept

Prosperous business and organizations are well aware of the importance of effective workplace communication. In fact, ‘team communication’ is vital for success, whether we are talking about objectives, safety, operations or leadership. Even so, for communication to be effective it must be genuine, regular, clear and consistent. Not forgetting, communication is a ‘two-way street’ where… Continue reading WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION AND CHANGE

End of Month News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

Bigger summer schedule by Ryanair Read with great interest the latest Ryanair statement in which the company announced a big increase on their flights for the coming summer. The programme will mainly concentrate on the airline’s Dublin operations with accompanying increases on investment and jobs. According to the company this is their biggest ever schedule.… Continue reading End of Month News Stories

Industry News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

UK Airshows 2022 Considering the current circumstances and the events of the past two years, 2022 looks more optimistic in terms of airshows. The past couple of seasons have been disastrous as far as airshows are concerned. Having said that, few events were delivered last year. However, nothing of the customary ratio and extravagance these… Continue reading Industry News Stories


Man open disaster and emergency response plan for reading.

It seems extreme foolish for anyone who manages a business or an organization to believe that nothing can go wrong. In reality, a number of things could and possibly will go wrong at some point. A member of staff calling off work, could leave you unable to provide a service. Equipment breakdown will leave you… Continue reading PLAN AHEAD – AVOID DISASTER


Good leaders always stand out

MISSION Use our vast expertise to produce the best aviation professionals through open access to unrivalled aviation training and learning programmes.   VALUES Professionalism – Integrity – Quality WHY REGISTER WITH US FOR TRAINING AND LEARNING? A long tradition in training excellence and developing productive teams A commitment in supporting clients and providing quality of… Continue reading OUR LEARNING MISSION & VALUES


All over the world is well documented that in the past year a vast number of people lost their positions. In comparison with other sectors and industries, aviation suffered mostly in terms of job losses. Airlines, airport operators, ground handling companies along with many other air-transport related businesses lost a major part of their workforce.… Continue reading AVIATION POST-CRISIS EMPLOYMENT

Industry News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

ICAO to investigate seeming diversion The apparently diverted flight from Athens to Vilnius has certainly generated a degree of confusion and turbulence. Following Ryanair’s instructed landing, the air transport and travel sectors try to understand the repercussions for international flights over this region.  As a result, the ICAO Council expressed strong concerns regarding this incident.… Continue reading Industry News Stories

Industry News Stories

Mature businessman sitting and reading newspaper while waiting for boarding in airport

Climate-friendly approach by Munich Airport I read with great interest the airport’s press release on “green kerosene”. From next month, aircraft operating from Munich airport will be able to use this climate-friendly fuel. The company announced that Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) will be stored at the airport’s fuel farm. They also believe that the SAF… Continue reading Industry News Stories

Dealing with runway incursions

View on the threshold of runway 06 with follow me car and a passing plane

For the biggest part of aviation history, the industry has enjoyed an excellent safety record. In fact, as time passed, operational conditions improved and our awareness on accident and incident prevention heightened. Nonetheless, anticipating that traffic numbers – hopefully – will reinstate to pre-pandemic levels very soon; it makes good sense to remind ourselves about… Continue reading Dealing with runway incursions

The plan can never fail!

A plane that has crashed near a tropical island.

“The emergencies you train for, almost never happen. It’s the one you can’t train for that kills you”. These words by American aviator and author Ernest K. Gann have always stimulated my interest in aviation safety. We can extract one meaning from his statement and for this; I can vouch from my own experience. ‘Be… Continue reading The plan can never fail!

Syed Ali Shahid (Duty Manager Airside)

Working as Duty Manager Airside, Ali Shahid has learned to keep up with operational challenges in a fast-paced aerodrome environment. His commitment and dedication for what he does becomes evident when you meet him and starts talking about his work. Ali works for Dubai Airports Company. He is well respected within the airport community and… Continue reading Syed Ali Shahid (Duty Manager Airside)

China’s global aviation rivalry

Commercial airplane landing behind waving flag

I wonder how long it will take China to become the world’s biggest aviation market. In addition, should we expect China soon to become the leader in air transport industry? In recent times, the country is marching rapidly towards global supremacy in many domains. My understanding is that firstly, China will establish regional hegemony and… Continue reading China’s global aviation rivalry

How Working Roles Changed

Word writing text Hello I Am.. In Transition. Business concept for Changing process Progressing planning new things Paperclip hold black paperboard with text blue paper lobs on wooden floor

I have been thinking a lot recently, how some roles and job characteristics might have changed as result from the happenings of the past year. Having a higher awareness and alertness about hazards, I envisage particular aspects of our working environment in the future to be different from how they were twelve months ago. I… Continue reading How Working Roles Changed

The laser beam hazard

In recent times, we have experienced a trend that poses great risk to aircrews and flight safety. ‘Laser pointing’ is a practice carried out by brain-muddled individuals and is extremely dangerous. A number of States and governments around the world, including Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, have taken the matter seriously to the extent of… Continue reading The laser beam hazard