Businessman touching the drawn plane on the chalkboard with a globe. Recreation and tourism. Investing human and financial resources. Humanitarian assistance.

In terms of occupation, the aviation industry is a perfect ‘pool’ full of options for most people. The sector offers an abundance of employment opportunities, careers and work openings for young, mature and established professionals alike. As keen enthusiast of aviation, I want to offer readers a degree of optimism and hopefulness through this article.… Continue reading METAMORPHOSIS OF EMPLOYMENT IN AVIATION

GHAZIR HAMOD Serving aviation with excellence

For Ghazir Hamod, Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ saying “change is the only constant in life” certainly reflects his reasoning in the context of aviation. “The core essence of this industry is change, and that is to me what makes it interesting and fun,” he tells me, highlighting that this is why he enjoyed every minute of… Continue reading GHAZIR HAMOD Serving aviation with excellence


Airport Operations at work at one of the UK's largest airports.

Congratulations to the group of participants who completed successfully the ‘Effective Airside Management Professional’ training workshop. The course organised by AIRPORT BUREAU in association with Kratis Training & Consulting Ltd and delivered over three working days in a virtual classroom setting. Delegates from diverse operational backgrounds included Electrical Engineers, Airfield Operations personnel and Airside Assistants.… Continue reading ‘EFFECTIVE AIRSIDE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL’