The plan can never fail!

A plane that has crashed near a tropical island.

“The emergencies you train for, almost never happen. It’s the one you can’t train for that kills you”. These words by American aviator and author Ernest K. Gann have always stimulated my interest in aviation safety. We can extract one meaning from his statement and for this; I can vouch from my own experience. ‘Be… Continue reading The plan can never fail!

China’s global aviation rivalry

Commercial airplane landing behind waving flag

I wonder how long it will take China to become the world’s biggest aviation market. In addition, should we expect China soon to become the leader in air transport industry? In recent times, the country is marching rapidly towards global supremacy in many domains. My understanding is that firstly, China will establish regional hegemony and… Continue reading China’s global aviation rivalry

The laser beam hazard

In recent times, we have experienced a trend that poses great risk to aircrews and flight safety. ‘Laser pointing’ is a practice carried out by brain-muddled individuals and is extremely dangerous. A number of States and governments around the world, including Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, have taken the matter seriously to the extent of… Continue reading The laser beam hazard

Aerodrome Safeguarding is Heart of Operations

Aerodrome Safeguarding is the most important process in ensuring the safety of aircraft operations! Some readers may find this to be an amazing opening statement to this article. However, I stand by this view with great conviction. After many years front-line service, I have no doubt in my mind that aircraft operations are adequately sheltered… Continue reading Aerodrome Safeguarding is Heart of Operations

UK Points-Based Immigration System

British passport and map of Europe

Following the full exit of the UK from the EU the free movement of people ended on 1 January 2021. In order to manage the new arrangement effectively, the UK introduced a points-based immigration system. In the new system, both the EU and non-EU citizens receive equal treatment concerning people wishing to enter the country… Continue reading UK Points-Based Immigration System

Air Travel For Persons With Disabilities

Empty disabled seats at an airport in the waiting area before boarding.

One of the principles shared with a convincing belief among those who work within aviation is to support the rights of people with disabilities. Likewise, in all the years that I have served in the industry, I have yet to come across any organization or agency who did not believe that everyone should have equal… Continue reading Air Travel For Persons With Disabilities