All over the world is well documented that in the past year a vast number of people lost their positions. In comparison with other sectors and industries, aviation suffered mostly in terms of job losses. Airlines, airport operators, ground handling companies along with many other air-transport related businesses lost a major part of their workforce.… Continue reading AVIATION POST-CRISIS EMPLOYMENT

Managing Operational Hazards

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The fact that hazards come together with airport and aircraft operations, is an open secret. However, as the eminent aviation pioneer and author Amelia Earhart once said: “To worry is to add another hazard”. Therefore, we have learned to live with risks in aviation. This goes for the public, authorities, operators and all those associated… Continue reading Managing Operational Hazards

Fiona Hough, Air Traffic Control Professional

Fiona Hough clearly is a dedicated professional with a distinct eagerness to help air transport to recover quickly. In the time that we have known each other, I realised that she is an articulate, precise and thoughtful individual, who cares about aviation. Her consideration for the industry’s future comes across very well in conversations around… Continue reading Fiona Hough, Air Traffic Control Professional

How Working Roles Changed

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I have been thinking a lot recently, how some roles and job characteristics might have changed as result from the happenings of the past year. Having a higher awareness and alertness about hazards, I envisage particular aspects of our working environment in the future to be different from how they were twelve months ago. I… Continue reading How Working Roles Changed

Concorde: The Master of Commercial Flight

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January 2021 was a special point in aviation’s history as it marked the 45th anniversary of Concorde’s first commercial flight. To be precise, on 21st January 1976, two Concorde jets took off at the same time on two different routes. These were the first scheduled supersonic passenger services. British Airways flying on the London –… Continue reading Concorde: The Master of Commercial Flight