A short visit to “Little Bay”

After a very long time I revisited panoramic Oban, Scotland’s well-liked west-coast holiday town. For many years, I postponed a trip to the “little bay”, because unjustifiably, I presumed an unpleasant road journey. My memories from the last time when I travelled from Glasgow to Oban, were of an endless and winding road. This impression… Continue reading A short visit to “Little Bay”

Resume Operations

back view of male and female pilots walking by airport lobby with suitcases

For obvious reasons, there is currently a great expectation in the aviation sector and the air travel business too, waiting any time the resumption of full operations. Having said that, I am trying to understand the general sensation among my colleagues, business partners, employees and the public. I must admit. It is not easy! I… Continue reading Resume Operations

How Working Roles Changed

Word writing text Hello I Am.. In Transition. Business concept for Changing process Progressing planning new things Paperclip hold black paperboard with text blue paper lobs on wooden floor

I have been thinking a lot recently, how some roles and job characteristics might have changed as result from the happenings of the past year. Having a higher awareness and alertness about hazards, I envisage particular aspects of our working environment in the future to be different from how they were twelve months ago. I… Continue reading How Working Roles Changed

Preparing for the passengers of the future

new normal technology in smart hospitality industry 4.0 . reception robot assistant using for help customer or passenger in airport with welcome passenger, help or take a service, data information,

As the air transport sector wrestles to survive from the battle with the pandemic disaster, I cannot help thinking about ‘normality’ in the future. I do not want to generalise but in the current climate, it is fair to say that everyone wishes for a speedy return to normal life. Indeed, during the transition we… Continue reading Preparing for the passengers of the future